News Flash! It has come to our attention that another company is selling candles advertised as "Christ Consciousness Candles on Esty.  The "Christ Consciousness" candle design and concept were channeled directly to Rose as a medium in 1999 and is the ONLY authentic Candle blessed by Lord Sananda (Jesus). Don't be deceived by copy cats that have stolen the idea for profit. Many Blessings, Rose.
I AM The Flame Candles
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Hand-Made Candles

We now have a variety of raw crystals and crystal jewelry from the mines in Brazil.  Jewelry includes; rings, rosaries, pendants, earrings and pendulums. Sorry, sizing of the rings limited because they are hone before purchase and cannot be resized without breaking.

Our candles are made in individually mixed batches which means that every candle is a "one of a kind".  Each batch is produced under the scrutiny and blessings of the Ascended Masters to bring the healing energy to the associated chakra. It is important to refer to our Chakra Information pages to find the appropriate candle to help you with your ailment.  Belief in Divine intervention is equally as important as the candle itself.

(Tea Candle Holder is not included in this price)

Crystal Rosary with Cross

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